About The Series

Fierce and Lovely

The series aims to visually depict that beauty is not defined by colour and all colours add to the vibrancy of people. 

This series is my stance against colourism across the world, but specifically in South Asian communities, where fairness is disproportionately represented in media and society, rather than representing all the colours of the community. 

The title of the series is a play on the name of an outrageous yet widely popular skin bleaching product sold in Asia whose product and ad campaigns perpetuate colourism and prejudice.  

The subjects of the paintings in this series are fierce, beautiful and hopeful. 

Once One Earth


This series depicts an artistic representation of prehistoric maps and hopes to trigger emotions of unity and peace. 
World conflicts are so often centred around land, borders and religion. The recent global climate sparked me to think about our origins and how all our lands were all once connected or closer then they now seem.